Vote NO On Recall - November 2nd

In June 2021 the 5 members of the committee to recall submitted 73 signatures on a petition to recall Mayor Steele.  That petition triggered a special election that will occur on November 2nd, 2021.  The petition stated they wanted the Mayor recalled "for individually and without regard to the citizens of Nixa, nor the vote of city council, enacting a mask mandate, and taking other actions detrimental to the city of Nixa, its economy and the health and welfare of the community in general."  When confronted with the truth, they created a series of other "offenses" committed by the Mayor.  Each of those items is also untrue, drastically exaggerated or what should be considered proper and normal actions in the course of business.


Individually and without regard...

The City council passed Ordinance 2110 and 2112 unanimously, providing the emergency powers used for the masking requirement.  After consultation with all members of council and city staff, along with the Mayor of Ozark, the Christian County Health Department and other regional health experts, the requirement was put into place.  In later statements they contradict themselves by first saying the Mayor single handedly made the decision, but then accuse him of just following what Ozark and Springfield did.

Economy and the health and welfare...

Nixa sales tax, a number directly related to our economy was up more than 14% last year, and is up more that 12% this year - even though masking was in effect most of that time.  Many businesses had their best year ever in 2020, despite the pandemic.  Prior to the end of the mask ordinance we were down to less than 10 cases a week in Christian County.  That number has increased since the order was removed.  Few businesses in Nixa closed during the entire Pandemic and those that did never related their closure to masking.

False Claims by the Committee to Recall

Below are false "claims" by the committee to recall, followed by factual statements and references to the Missouri State Constitution, State Statutes and the Nixa Home Rule Charter.

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"Never could we have imagined that such a small number of disgruntled citizens angry about a mask mandate would be alboue to force a Recall Election of an uncontested leadership position"

Mark Hartsock - Home Rule Charter Committee


"I have known Mayor Brian Steele for several years.  We have seen the Mayor make decisions for the good of all the citizens of Nixa.  He has made our City a prosperous, safe, and welcoming environment to live in for all of us.  We have seen him attend many special events involving veterans and senior citizens."

Glen Smith - Commander Nixa American Legion