Nixa First

My Priorities

I have seen Nixa grow from the little country town of 1,200 that I knew as a kid, to the 3rd largest, and fastest growing city in southwest Missouri. No one could have imagined the changes the last 20 years have brought – and no one can be for sure what the next 20 years will bring. Nixa is an amazing place to live, to go to school, to work and to call your hometown, but there are lots of issues facing us as we move into the future.

Nixa has experienced an incredible about of residential growth, but we have not shared in the commercial growth that our neighbors – Ozark, Branson, Republic and Springfield – have had. This makes it difficult for our city to keep up with the fast growth. To make up for this, Nixa must be very fiscally conservative. We have to provide the services that Nixa needs, but at a cost tax payers can afford. Along with this we must strive to be more efficient and effective with what we do have. Like in business, government should work to be as effective as possible – in the most efficient way possible. Support what works – get rid of what doesn’t.

Along with doing more with what we do have, Nixa must continue to expand our economic base. This will allow for the revenue to keep up our streets, improve our parks and schools, and create businesses and jobs for Nixa residents, in Nixa. Nixa is a bedroom community – nothing will ever change that – but each new business, store and restaurant that opens in Nixa means more money for our teachers, more amenities for our parks and more money for our streets and sidewalks. To that end, I continue to support our economic development plans.

Brian Steele - Nixa, Missouri

With that said, Nixa is a residential community. Business, industry and residential construction are all important, but concessions to those cannot take away from services to the residents of Nixa. Our first priority must be to help the citizens and businesses in Nixa, and to support new business and development second. I will work to improve Nixa’s three most important assets – our city infrastructure, police and parks. We must work to make Nixa a safe and sustainable place to live by continuing to support and training our police. We must also work to improve our streets, relieve traffic, improve sewers and storm drainage throughout Nixa, to truly give Nixa “an exceptional quality of life”.

As a part of helping to keep Nixa one of the best places to live, I will continue to push for new and improved parks and recreational programs throughout Nixa. As a key part of that, I see a day in the not so distant future when every school, neighborhood, park and business will be inter-connected with sidewalks, bike paths and trails.

Successful Nixa, MO Mayor

My Role

I see my role as Mayor, as a way to help the city I have called my hometown for the last 40+ years, and to look out for future of my community, my neighbors, my friends and my family. I am a practical, independent voice, who believes in doing the right thing and getting the job done – whatever it takes.